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Are there King Size Wholecloth quilts?

I have had many customers ask me if there are king size wholecloth quilts.
As of this date there are no companies making them. I believe part of the problem is that manufacturers don't want to take on the expense of making screens that large or having special one piece fabric constructed to accommodate  the size.

So, what are the alternatives?


My second suggestion in making a king size wholecloth quilt would be to sew
several mini wholecloth quilt tops together with sashing between. The larger the sashing the less mini wholecloths you will need to accommodate the 100"  by 92" size. You could use a different pattern for each block. Bee creative!

And of course the last suggestion for creating your own king size wholecloth quilt would be to mark your own. I know you are cringing with just the thought of it. J Bee Happy Quilting has a marking system that will enable you to mark you own king size quilt.  If you are using a series of stencils you can use the Miracle Marking System. This is a pouncer with powder that stays put until you remove it with a puff of steam. Perfect for quilts that will take time to finish.

I hope these suggestions give you ideas for creating your own king size wholecloth. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at Thanks for your continued business.

Bee Happy quilting!
Barb Beabes

What are pre-printed wholecloth quilts?

They are one piece quilt tops with a pre-printed washout design. Add the batting and backing, baste and start quilting the design. When you are finished quilting and adding the binding, just wash the quilt and all the blue lines will disapear leaving your quilting as the design. This is an absolutely wonderful way to learn how to quilt with no seams to contend with. Experienced quilters also enjoy quilting these one piece projects.